A Complementary Approach

Launching New Products

If you’re getting your product or service off the ground, now is the time to call Kenninger Communications. We identify key audiences for your business and develop logos, signage, letterhead, and public relation and advertising strategies. By helping your organization develop appropriate messaging prior to launch, Kenninger Communications will harness and direct the buzz your product or service creates. Our initial marketing strategy can also include development of detailed budgets, establishment of marketing guidelines, and identification of market channels.

Invigorating Established Products

Established companies can benefit from taking a fresh look at their marketing materials and corporate image. An aggressive public relations plan, coupled with marketing initiatives, can make the industry take a new look at an established friend—and even correct misperceptions. During this process, Kenninger Communications can develop visual materials or provide an update your to current look. An analysis of industry perception can help determine the best approach.Our firm leverages our resources to their fullest potential, allowing for better insight into your company and its unique market appeal.


Kenninger Communications works with its clients to develop initial budgets for services the firm provides. When necessary, additional associates may be brought in to assist with projects. Clients receive a detailed monthly invoice stating the number of hours devoted to each project and any expenses incurred on their behalf. Clients are billed for international phone calls; domestic calls are included in the hourly rate.
Clients pay only for the actual time spent on their projects. This means you don’t pay a premium on services delivered by our vendors. Due to our extensive network of vendor relationships, clients often find they save money by having Kenninger Communications obtain services such as printing, pre-press, and photography for them. Clients receive an itemized quote to approve prior to the work’s commencement.

Selection of Services

Kenninger Communications’ full-service solutions include strategic planning, public relations representation, advertising, speech writing, managing vendor relationships (i.e. printers, photographers, graphic artists), media buying, Web-site design, and editorial production. As a Kenninger Communications’ client, your firm receives fully integrated, turnkey services, delivered in a value-oriented manner.


Kenninger Communications’ pricing is specific to customer requirements and to the scope of expertise required. These prices are competitive with other independent creative services providers and are typically much lower than the costs of handling these functions in-house or through a traditional advertising agency.
The following examples are based on recent projects. Upon definition of projects, exact estimates will be provided. To commence work, a retainer fee of $1500 is due, which will be applied to future projects. Please note that initial deliverables will result in more billable hours because they will require more research and planning. Once verbiage and brand standards are in place, subsequent projects can be completed more quickly, resulting in lower fees. Cost for design services will be provided and billed separately.